Should you Rent a home or should you buy a home? This is an age old debate. Some people think it’s better to buy a home while others are of the view that renting a home is much better. Everyone has an opinion.

What is the Answer? Well the truth be told, there isn't one answer that is cut and dried that makes the decision easier. Let me walk you through the pro's and con's and let you decide

PROs of buying a home:

    “Home owner”, has a nice ring to it. Especially in America, owning a home is the America Dream. Of course, there are many other benefits too and here are some

  • Buying a home gives you peace of mind
  • It helps you put down roots.
  • Provides financial security
  • Financial stability
  • Tax deductions
  • A vehicle for retirement savings
  • With each mortgage payment, you get closer to fully owning the home
  • Growing asset
  • The equity you build over the years can be leveraged to buy another home and keep the investment property or can be utilized to buy up or reduce your existing mortgage should you wish
  • Sense of achievement

​​This could be the first step in building your wealth

CONs of Buying a Home:

Home ownership comes with risks

  • Buying means you are tying up your savings into an asset that requires maintenance
  • Its not easy to move quickly should you need to - lets face it, homes can take time to sell
  • Life happens - you can be transferred, you could lose your job and that may have a serious impact on your financial well being
  • There are costs of maintaining a home
  • You have a responsibility to pay HOA Levies
  • Your day off work can sometimes be the day for doing home maintenance

PROs of renting:    

  • In some States, the cost of owning far exceeds renting
  • There are little or no maintenance costs
  • If life happens and you need to move, its far easier to do so
  • If you do not like your neighbors or even the neighborhood, you can move!

CONs of renting:

  • The property is never your own
  • You are paying someone else's mortgage
  • The property can never be personalized to suit your needs - its someone else's investment 

Home ownership cannot be taken lightly and if you are a free spirit and like to move fairly often, then owning a home may not be for you. Take time to make the right decision for your personal set of circumstances. Do keep in mind that owning a home could cost you less than renting a home. Perhaps it would be a good idea to explore your options

If you would like some assistance by looking at the facts, then let my team of specialists and I help you with that important decision

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