What to Expect in a 55 Plus Community?

It can be a quick and easy decision to move into a 55 plus community or it can be a painful one that needs a lot of thought, whatever the decision, I hope these points will help you with that decision.

The 55 Plus communities are often a lot of fun. You get to live comfortably in a stress free environment without the everyday responsibilities of owning a home. There are often a number of activities, often meals included and there is a social environment to meet new people and have a fantastic life.

You may think that it will be hard to leave your independence behind, but often it is giving you new opportunities and a wonderful lifestyle experience.

55 Plus communities have wonderful amenities, all the mod cons that you need and it can offer you a great lifestyle without the hassles of single family home living.

55 + Community

Scaling Down

The most stressful part of considering moving to a 55+ community is the thought of scaling down and the decision to sell or pass on your valued possessions because they will no longer fit into your new and stress free lifestyle. Sometimes family don't appreciate the value of your possessions and that can be disconcerting. Once you have made the decision and you free yourself from your existing lifestyle, its a lot easier to move.

Lifestyle Changes

You will have to adapt to some lifestyle changes. You may end up with more free time on your hands than you are used to and isn't that what retiring is all about? This gives you great opportunities to travel more. You will find time to socialize and there will be other like minded people and social groups to join. The great thing about living in a 55 plus community, is that you can be social and attend meetings and group socials or you can stay at home in the privacy of your own home. 

Family Expectations

As one ages, it is comforting to your families for them to know that you have been responsible about considering your golden years. Family love having you visit and sharing their space, but they know as the years progress you will need to be taken care of and sometimes its beyond their capabilities or their lifestyles. Of course families are always welcome to visit you in your 55 plus community, even stay for a visit and that is really comforting having your independence and sharing your comforts with them.

Strategies for Living Comfortably

When you move and you have to scale down - do just that. Don't try to keep all your possessions. Make your new home and environment a happy and comfortable space. Your home will probably smaller than you are used to, but you will have all the comforts that you had previously yet with someone to be sure that you are cared for and looked after if you need to be.

Take a look at the various 55 plus communities offered in the Lake Norman area and see if any of these appeal to you. Our team would love to assist you in your transition to these fun communities. Take a tour and let us help you find the perfect next home or sell your existing one.

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